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When do you want to visit the Eiffel Tower?

How many tickets do you need?

  • Adult

  • Young(12-24 years)

  • Children (4-11 years old)

  • Small children(younger than 4 years old)

  • Disabled individuals

  • RSA(earned income supplement) recipients

    Available at the Tower only upon presentation of proper documentation

An order may include a maximum of 9 tickets

An order may only contain a maximum of 5 children’s tickets (4 years or younger)

An order may only contain a maximum of 2 RSA (earned income supplement) tickets

An order containing only children’s tickets (-4 years old and 4-11 years old) is not permitted.

“Adult”: Normal rate for adults 25 years old and over.

“Youth (12-24 years old)”: Rate for youth between 12 and 24 years old. Proof of age required.

“Children” (4-11 years old)”: Rate for children between 4-11 years old. Proof of age required. Mandatory purchase of an adult or youth ticket.

“Small children (younger than 4 years old)”: Free for children younger than 4 years old. Ticket and proof of age required. There is no left luggage office available, in particular for strollers.

“RSA (earned income supplement) recipients”: Rate applied to French RSA (earned income supplement) recipients only, available at the Tower's ticket offices.

“Disabled individuals”: Rate for disabled individuals only applicable upon presentation of valid certificate. Access to the Summit and stairs is not permitted for individuals with reduced mobility.

Online help

  • How much does it cost to visit the Eiffel Tower?

    To check the prices for the Eiffel Tower, please visit this page on the official Eiffel Tower site. The Eiffel Tower online ticket office provides the official prices.
    The adult price applies to adults 25 years and over.  There are discount rates for young people (12-24 years old), children (4-11 years old) and for those with disabilities. Admission is free for children under 4 years old. The price of the ticket varies upon how you go up (elevator and/or stairs) and the destination (2nd floor or the upper floor) you select. 

  • The desired visit date is not available, what should I do?

    Certain days (weekends, days during peak season between July and August) are in high demand and we sell out quickly, especially for e-tickets for the top floor, which are the most popular. If you are flexible, select another date that is shown as available. The dates marked in orange indicate that the last tickets are available. Lined out or grayed out dates are no longer available. If there is no more online availability, note that tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower are also sold on site at the ticket offices at the monument.
    Regardless, we sell our tickets online up to 60 days in advance (for lift tickets) and 14 days in advance (for stairs tickets to second floor). If you can, plan your visit well in advance, so you will have the choice of date, destination and time.

  • How many tickets can I buy?

    On the online ticket shop, you can buy up to 9 tickets for the same order. Groups who want to buy tickets, regardless of the number, must use the ticket office site reserved for groups.

The Eiffel Tower’s online box office allows you to purchase your ticket online for the 2nd floor or the Summit at the official rate. You can purchase individual e-tickets for up to 9 people. Tickets can also be purchased several weeks in advance. With the e-ticket system, experience no lines! You will directly receive your ticket by e-mail so you can print it at home or store it on your smartphone. If e-tickets are sold out for the date/time or destination that you search, it is always possible to purchase tickets on the spot on the day of your visit. 
At the scheduled hour, go directly to the lifts or stairs without having to wait at the ticket stands.
There are mandatory security checks at the Eiffel Tower’s entrance and before entering one of the pillars.

Tourism professionals, schools, associations: professional ticketing website.

tour Eiffel sommet

Destination to the top

An engrossing experience

« The Eiffel Tower Summit »


The most marvelous view of Paris

At the top of the Eiffel Tower, enjoy the highest view of Paris and its surroundings. With its 2 floors (one open-air and the other indoor), experience for yourself the majesty of Paris from all angles: witness the most eye-catching architectural beauties, monuments, and the Seine.


The office of Gustave Eiffel

At the top of the Tower, you will also discover a reconstitution of Gustave Eiffel’s office, the Tower’s creator. With its wax models, this scene depicts Gustave Eiffel and his daughter Claire receiving the famous American inventor, Thomas Edison.

tour Eiffel 2eme etage

Destination to 2nd floor

At the heart of the Tower :

« The Eiffel Tower’s 2nd floor »


The most all-encompassing experience

On the 2nd floor, you’ll be transported with amazement: With several monoculars located on both levels, Paris and its monuments will offer a scintillating pleasure to your delighted eyes. Take advantage of the large selection of activities, boutiques and restaurants!


Be at the forefront of a spectacular lighting show

During evening visits, the 2nd floor is the best spot to be to witness the Tower and its magnificent lit structure. Also don’t forget, Paris is the “City of Lights.” On the 2nd floor, you’ll have a front row seat for an unforgettable moment of scintillation at all hours!

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